Buy property with Bitcoin

UK Property investment with Crypto currency

Is it now possible to invest in property paying with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies using blockchain

Bitcoin and other crypto currency are now taking the world by storm and many speculators are investment in them like you would in stocks and shares. 100 even 1000% growth has occurred in recent months and years but what other uses could this blockchain currency offer.

Buy London property with Bitcoin:

London has always being a magnate for wealthy foreign investors seen as a safe heaven for their funds. Since the brexit vote GBP fell in value and foreign currency benefited on the exchange rate, this has only attracted more overseas investment in to central London luxury apartments.

But a more interesting angle is some astute investors bought a bitcoin last year for £1000 which is now £15,000 meaning if they could pay for property in London UK with Bitcoin this would mean some people getting the property for a 10th of its true value.I suppose  a sort of Bitcoin leverage.

The sellers you could argue would also be making money if Bitcoin continues to rise and they would sell their apartment in Bitcoin worth £15,000 today and if the predictions are true it could rise to 30,000 – 50,000 1 million per coin who knows ! This would mean sellers sale value doesn’t depreciate but appreciates.

Buy UK property investments with Bitcoin:

Another very interesting angle is the potential to break UK investment  properties down in to tiny segments ie a London apartment could be broken down in to 1000 Bitcoin shares and people can invest in it, thus owning a part of a property whilst the seller has his cash in Bitcoin which may continue to rise.

Investing in property using Bitcoin has serious potential and once it is clear from a legal stand point this market could be bigger than the current investment property market.

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