Liverpool city centre flats

Nowadays it’s hard to find a good, affordable property for investment. But, this Liverpool city centre flats is the best place to invest in.  The location is perfect, the apartments look luxurious and they are fully finished and of course, they are pretty affordable.  This fully furnished luxury residence offers apartments with one bedroom and apartments with two bedrooms. Some of the apartments have balconies. Also, besides the benefits of balconies, there are lifts, garden, car park and bike storages.
Liverpool city centre flats are the perfect investment properties for you. It’s in the desirable neighborhood. And Liverpool has Universities with over 65,000 students.

You could choose an open-planed kitchen, bedroom and living room. The room is well-proportioned and has big balcony doors which means that the room is bright and sunny.  The wall is painted grey and there are a few painting on the wall. The kitchen has some red details but the kitchen parts are all white, and that makes the kitchen look elegant. Also, the kitchen is functional and fully-equipped.  The bedroom consists of a white carpet, a gigantic bed, nightstands with a lamp. There is a working place including a working desk and a comfortable chair, also some bookshelves. And the living room has a big grey couch with some designed pillows.


This Liverpool city centre flat is amazing! For instance, you could have an open-planed kitchen with dining room and living room and a separate bedroom. The kitchen is spacious and sophisticated. It has white kitchen parts with red details on the wall, but it’s fully integrated with all the necessary appliances. The dining table with beautiful grey chairs is between the kitchen and the living room. The living room consists of white carpet, wooden coffee table matching the wooden floor, grey big couch, pillows, big red dresser, tv…  The room is shiny and welcoming.


Liverpool city centre flats which are fully-finished, with modern design,  with balconies, bike storages, lifts, a garden which are really affordable and they seem to be the best place to invest. This incredible investment is a one-of-a-kind opportunity and it could be the most profitable investment in your life.

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Liverpool Residential apartments | 8% net 5 years | Knowledge quarter university location