Student accommodation investment

This student accommodation investment is in Liverpool. The location is great. The Hamilton Hub is just a four-minute walk away from the Hamilton Square and these magnificent buildings of historic Georgian style are surrounding the expensive public square.
If you have decided that this student accommodation investment could be the right investment, you would be gaining the access to the gym, laundry, reception, communal lounge, break out areas, extensive gardens, and bike stores.

There are a few choices about how your living space could look like. One of them is this one: your room would be divided into several parts. It would consist of a bedroom, living room, dining room and working place. The place is open and sinny, there are two big windows which open the room. The color combination for this room is white and grey.  There are nightstands with the lamps beside the big bed. The living room consists of a couch and a small table. There is a big plant that purifies the air.  You can put your clothes in a big, spacious closet.  The working place has a desk and a chair, and there are a computer and a big tv for entertainment or relax time. And the floor is made of a wood. Another possibility is a big window with curtains, white dining table and chairs, grey couch, table, tv, dressers, closet and chairs which fit together with the bed where pieces of furniture are made of the same wood which makes the room look well-designed and chic, or you could choose to have an isolated bedroom with bed, closet, shelves and of course a working area – table and  a chair.

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The most beautiful option is the combination of blue and white. White sofa, armchair, table, tree big windows with long blue curtains, decorated pillows and working table, bookshelves, dining table and chair and the bed and nightstands are made of the same white material but this time the room look elegant and sophisticated. The kitchen is highly elegant, the color combination is black and white and it’s fully equipped.
This student accommodation investment is great for students who are trying to be more independent. Considering the fact that it’s affordable, that the location is great and living space is charming this student accommodation investment it’s your perfect solution.


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£45,450 Student Accommodation with 8% Assured 5 years | Major regeneration waterfront zone