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There has been a notable increase in real estate investment in the UK in recent years. UK property investors are both foreign and local. There are many reasons why most people buy properties in the UK and why you should consider buying one too.

Many students from across the world come to the UK to study. As a result, investors are constantly investing in student properties in the UK. UK student properties include both residents that are affordable to students and buildings that can be used as schools. The consistent rise in university applications across the UK has seen 17,000 student beds traded across the UK in the first four months of 2016. With many international students among these number, student accommodation is limited causing rents to go up. Acquiring a UK student property today will, therefore, be a very wise investment.

A reduced national deficit and an economic plan that seems to be working for the UK economy has greatly boost UK’s property market. These have caused a rise in hotel investments and buy to let properties in all major towns and cities across the UK. An example is the northern powerhouse including the L1 docks area of Liverpool, the area is enjoying the benefits of the combination of improved infrastructure and a growing tech sector. Any investor looking for the UK buy to let property can choose a property from this area and benefit from the high rents buildings in this area offer.

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After Brexit, nervous house owners were forced to cut down asking price for their houses. This was revealed by figures from a study carried out by Rightmove which indicated that the asking price for UK properties fell by 0.9% with inner London experiencing a greater fall of 2.3% weeks after the vote to leave EU. The fall in the asking price is an opportunity for smart investors to make purchases now. This fall in asking price is further strengthened by the fall in the value of the pound. This means that even at an unchanged price of property, foreign property investors will now have to pay a smaller amount of their currency to buy a property in the UK than before the fall in the value of pounds. The fall in asking prices spiced with the drop of the pound’s value has no doubt attracted foreign property investors to invest in the UK buy to let properties.

With the 2007 figure for global investment in student market being £2.1 billion, and the figure today standing at £4.5 billion, is a strong indication that student investment is profitable. For more information about student investment in the UK or about potential investment returns, contact our team today.

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